Timely delivery of material and equipment is a critical step towards completion of any ship-building project and has been a critical component of Goa Shipyard Limited’s manufacturing process. At present Purchase Orders are processed through the Baan ERP system, the system also incorporated TA/PA process, delivery receipts and Receipt Inspection reports. Project Planning and monitoring are handled using Primavera software. There is no in-built link between the Baan-ERP and Primavera software. IBM Lotus Notes is currently used as a mailing system for internal and external communication. Darshak is used for approval processes as well as internal communication.


Tracking material deliveries from placement of Order date to delivery at GSL, Tracking Receipt Inspection of material and rectification of defects.

  • Material Tracking: Details of POs for material in each ship building project is available in Baan-ERP along with contact details of Supplier and the dealing GSL officers. Based on the delivery dates in PO, application should generate alerts and send messages to Suppliers and concerned GSL dealing officers regarding impending and delayed deliveries.
  • Defect Rectification monitoring:    Application should track each defect in Receipt inspection report for each PO from Baan-ERP. Upon receipt of material, message is to be sent to Suppliers and concerned GSL dealing officers regarding receipt and also Receipt Inspection report with defect details. Alerts are to be generated whenever there is an update in defect rectification.
  • Messaging system: Auto-generated alerts and messages are to be sent via the existing IBM Lotus Notes system and also vide SMS.

Data Availability :

All data required for the implementation of the application is available in Baan- ERP and can be downloaded in Excel as well.