In Goa Shipyard Limited, the rules and regulations are uploaded on the Darshak portal. Further, individual employee can check their salary statement, leave details, Medical reimbursement etc on the Darshak portal through individual login ID and Password. Despite of the policies being uploaded on the Darshak portal, employees spend hours searching for basic company related information and many employees raise queries directly to the HR department specifically pertaining to certain points/clause in the policy. Further, a similar type of query is raised by many employees, and resolving the same query again and again leads to wastage of man-hours.

In view of this, it is proposed to introduce Chatbots in HR. This will drastically reduce the time spent by employee searching for answers and make the work hassle-free. Chatbots will be a 24*7 service and employees need not wait for an appointment with HR to resolve their basic queries.


The Chatbot in HR-GSL should function as follows:

Every employee should have an ID and Password to access the Chatbot.

  • Orientation: Every Executive who joins GSL has to go through a week long orientation program and Non-Executive have to go through a two day orientation program wherein the new joinee visits every departmental HOD and try to understand how the department functions.Introducing chatbot for orientation will help in saving a lot of time. The chatbot will provide the history of GSL, overview of how each department functions, brief details of the Board of Directors, the leave entitlements, safety measures, introduction to darshak etc.
  • Training: Currently most of the trainings provided are classroom trainings. Classroom trainings can be avoided for certain standard and repetitive trainings such as safety training, motivational training etc by introducing chatbots. The feedback of the trainings will also be taken by Chatbot. Further, the individual can also get the details of all the training programs attended by him.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Employees frequently raises queries w.r.t the policies, rules & regulations. Chatbot can be introduced to answer such queries. [The list of data for FAQ’s is attached as Annexure-I.]
  • Personal Details: Employees can get to know their employment details such as salary statement, date of joining, date of promotion etc through chatbot. [Data available in BAAN and in personal file.]
  • Suggestion Scheme: Currently suggestion boxes have been installed at various places in GSL wherein the employees can fill the suggestion form and deposit the form in the suggestion box. Chatbot can have an option for employee suggestion wherein the employee enters their suggestion which goes directly to HR/Suggestion committee.